Security Job Kabul, Afghan VACANCY CLOSED

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    PSD Security Vacancies in Afghanistan



    Manager, Program Security Risk plans, directs implements and enforces safety and security risk management policies and procedures to ensure the protection, safety and security of IRD program facilities, operations, personnel, equipment and information. The Manager ensures the effective safe operations of all Program activities through mitigating risk, assessing IRD’s profile and designing internal and contracted protection systems and services. Additionally, acts as a liaison with government, United Nations, NGO and other local authorities as required in matters pertaining to security risk management.

    Essential Job Functions:

    • Defines, plans and oversees implementation of comprehensive security risk management systems for protection of IRD employees, subcontractors, local national staff, visitors and facilities, assets and information for individual activities and operation across multiple sectors and geographies;
    • Serves as the key liaison for all security stakeholder interaction to ensure the successful completion of program deliverables to the donor as needed;
    • Develops, plans, organizes and directs the activities of security staff and ensures their actions comply with legal and regulatory requirements;
    • Routinely inspects the IRD facilities and performs formal assessments of all IRD Program sites;
    • Directs inspection of premises to detect safety / security hazards and to ensure the safety / security policies and SOPs are known and enforced;
    • Develops and manages business-critical projects and programs with significant financial and or legal impact at the program level;
    • Develops and documents procedures to obtain, maintain, secure, analyze, account for, and provide information from assessment reports;
    • Reports irregularities, security threats and security breaches utilizing IRD’s incident reporting system;
    • When directed, oversees the investigation of various crimes against persons and property in conjunction with law enforcement when appropriate;
    • Manages complex security improvement programs across business units, services organizations and regional geographies;
    • Enforces security policies and procedures and directs the subcontractor security program manager in the enforcement of compliance, to include but not limited to issuance of security badges, photographing of employees and introduction of contraband and other restricted items or articles carried by visitors and personnel access to the facilities;
    • Oversees the handling, storing, safekeeping and destruction procedures of documents and materials, and for granting all personnel or visitors access to material or entry and exit into the facilities and/or restricted areas.
    • Oversees and approves staffing levels as submitted by the subcontractor’s security program manager of the static security guard force and the MST teams;
    • Conducts and coordinates activities of personnel in reviewing or updating security measures due to changes in the security and threat levels and or new regulations;
    • Makes recommendations to and has oversight responsibilities of the subcontractor’s security program manager to formulate emergency policies, determine need for programs, personnel, coordinates programs and emergency response to all security situations;
    • Manages complex security improvement programs across business units, services organizations and regional geographies; and
    • Other duties as assigned


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    Required Skills & Experience:

    • 7+ year’s security management experience in high threat environments and 10+ years’ experience working in or supervising security systems and teams
    • A minimum of 5 year experience in working in hostile environments
    • Advanced First Aid or trauma training
    • Knowledge of ISO 31000-2009 and related risk management standards, processes and procedures
    • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite


    Preferred Skills & Experience:

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Strong analytical capacity
    • Demonstrated working knowledge of corporate security risk management strategies.
    • Demonstrated experience in security program design, and management of security services contracts
    • Demonstrated knowledge of NGO/Development culture and security strategies


    Success Factors:

    • Demonstrated knowledge of Development operations
    • Proven ability to supervise, plan, mentor and lead in multicultural working environments
    • Ability to handle difficult situations firmly, courteously, tactfully and impartially
    • Proven ability to secure the cooperation of others in difficult and stressful situations
    • Ability to effectively present facts and recommendations in oral and written form to senior decision makers in the field and at HQ
    • Ability to analyze and exercise sound judgment in arriving at conclusions
    • Excellent report writing and briefing skills
    • Proven ability to make decisions in accordance with laws, ordinances, regulations and established policies

    Travel Requirements:

    • Up to 30%

    Physical Requirements:

    All IRD personnel who work in Afghanistan must be physically able: (i) to function for extended periods of time wearing personal protective body armor weighing approximately 35 pounds and a helmet weighing approximately 5 pounds; (ii) to walk comfortably over rough terrain; and (iii) to ascend up to six flights of stairs on a daily basis.  Candidates will be required to provide medical certification to IRD’s satisfaction of the absence of any conditions that might impair a candidate’s ability to meet these requirements.